December 11 2009.

Recently announced by Polini, the new 94cc Big Evolution race cylinder kits for Minarelli and Piaggio LC motors will officially be available by February/March 2010 from VE.

These are full race specification products and will require the use of the Polini evolution long stroke crankshaft, modifications to enlarge the crankcase mouth, and will also require the use of a specific exhaust, due to the new shape exhaust flange on the cylinder.

In order to make the scooter perform like a true Polini race machine when these components have been fitted, attention will also need to be made to the transmission, fuel and ignition systems. This will involve fitting Polini race orientated parts such as the Polini speed clutch, Kevlar belt, Polini primary and secondary gear kits, Polini's speed drive kit, Polini race carb, and race Polini ignition system.

Combined, these parts will give you and your customers a machine that really performs. However as you canimagine this is a top quality "High Performance Race Use Only" performance kit, and as you will appreciate the prices reflect that.

VE (UK) will have stocks as soon as these kits are available and dealers should consider pre ordering to ensure early delivery. VE (UK) will be stocking all the necessary service parts to ensure a full service to owners of the new Polini Evolution Kit.

Polini Big Evolution cylinder kits £241.45 RRP, excluding VAT
Polini 44mm stroke crankshafts £207.27 RRP, excluding VAT

All prices shown are RRP (Recommended Retail Price) excluding VAT.
Please be aware that from January 1st 2010 VAT reverts back to 17.5%

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