December 14 2006
The Cold Killers Wind Buddy windproof fleece gets a sharp new look for 2007, as well as a stark warning on the dangers of hypothermia all year round.  The Wind Buddy is tailored to be worn over motorcycle leather jackets and suits, particularly those with pin hole venting, blocking out the effects of wind chill and is equally effective for a ride on a cold winters day or on a summer's evening, when the temperature can drop quite dramatically.
Many people associate hypothermia with 'Arctic' conditions, but in fact all it takes is for your normal body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F) to drop below 35° (95°F). At just 30 km/h, (less than 20mph), the wind-chill effect can reduce the temperature by over 10°C, so it's easy to understand how vulnerable motorcyclists are to this condition, even on a cool summer night. According to NHS Direct, the symptoms of moderate hypothermia include, "inability to think or pay attention to events, confusion (some people don't realise they are affected), fumbling hands, and drowsiness", any or all of which could have fatal consequences when trying to control a motorcycle.
The Wind Buddy changes to black for 2007 but retains the incredibly effective Cold Killers 3D+ fabric, which is windproof and breathable, with a check-fleece on the inside that allows better air circulation, to prevent sweating.  The sleeves are long, so they won't ride up when a rider stretches to hold onto the handlebars and there is sufficient space in the arms and back  to accommodate armour and 'aero humps'.  Drawstrings on the collar and waist ensure a close fit and zip-shut pockets are located on the front.  Discreet reflective piping runs over the shoulders and down the arms for enhanced visibility in the dark.
The Cold Killers Wind Buddy is also ideal for other outdoor pursuits, including cycling and hiking.  It is available in sizes Small - XXL and retails for £59.99 inc. VAT.
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