December 22 2006.

BSR has introduced a replacement water-coolant radiator for the Kawasaki ZRX1100 and 1200 models to complement its established range of 'performance plumbing' for bikes that includes replacement oil coolers and oil lines. 
An established technical support provider to the motor racing industry manufactures BSR Radiators in the UK.  They have an all aluminium construction and are supplied with all tank work brackets and fan mounts, so they are ready to fit directly in place of the original item.
Like racing radiators, the BSR units are deigned to be lighter and more efficient than the stock OEM unit, utilising the latest technology and materials to deliver the high performance necessary to keep owners ahead of the field.  The ZRX radiator weighs just 1.174kg, which is lighter than most full-face helmets!
 The BSR ZRX Radiator retails for ¬£395.99 inc. VAT, which means customers can buy a race specification product for a comparable price to the original factory item.  BSR can supply racing radiators for other models and manufacturers and customers are advised to contact them to discuss their requirements.

Contact BSR Aerotek on 01386 849060 or