January 11 2007.
The Motorcycle Trader website at  continues to be the primary on-line source for UK motorcycle trade and industry news.
The latest trade and industry news, information and contact details are provided at  with the clear advantage of open access, so that site visitors can easily access the information and make contact with distributors and manufacturers.
No trade price information is provided on-line and so there is simply no need for passwords or identity codes.  provides the leads and contact details, then it is down to the distributor or manufacturer to vet enquiries to establish if they are trade or retail and deal with them accordingly.
ID codes and passwords are open to abuse and no site is truly secure. We all know that these passwords are handed around in the same casual way as trade passes at shows and expos, so the best way is to let companies police the distribution of secure information themselves.
Close to 13,000 unique IPs visit  each month and in 2006 a total of 16,723 Unique IPs visited the site more than once and 33,587 are bookmarked to the site.  includes the full on-line directory and a full news archive back to November 2003.
Look out for the new-look Motorcycle Trader website at