January 12 2007.

A brand new service to UK motorcycle dealers has been launched onto the web. This exciting new, strictly trade to trade, web-site goes by the name of  This new web-site will help a dealer ensure that they never lose a sale because they do not stock the customer's choice and give the dealer the opportunity to trade sales with other dealers to improve their cash flow.
Motorcycle Trade Desk enables a dealer, faced with losing a sale because he doesn't have the bike, to source the customer's choice quickly and easily while the customer is there. He can source the right stock appropriate to his or her business. The dealer can move on unwanted stock easily. Dealers can also view lists of bikes requested by other dealers in order to make a trade sale.
The idea for Motorcycle Trade Desk is the brainchild of Terry Minter an ex sales rep with MCN with the added experience of working in dealerships. To assist him in bringing the product to market he has enlisted the help of former MCN ad supremo Peter Archer. When Peter was asked why he agreed to get involved he replied, "I knew it was a winner as soon as Terry described the concept. It is precisely what dealers need''.
Terry and Peter have realised the importance of having a critical mass of dealers on their site, and have been working very hard over the past few months to achieve a community of just under a hundred proactive dealers.  This means their site is now up and running and doing business.  Although you can log onto the site now, register and start trading immediately, they will not start invoicing until the 25th February 2007, and then they will only be asking for ¬£10 per week plus vat. They calculate that a total year's subscription will be paid for in the first two deals. They will also be exhibiting at the Motorcycle Trade Expo show in order to present this trade service to visiting dealers.  January will herald the start of a significant advertising campaign as our dynamic duo go flat out to build up dealer numbers throughout 2007.
This new trade only dealer service is going to be of immense assistance to dealers either trying to locate stock or move on unwanted stock. But the only way you will experience the benefits is to register, why not have a look?  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.