January 14 2007.

Lubricant specialist Motorex has teamed up with Rizla Suzuki for the 2007 British Superbike Championship and will develop specific oil to maximise the performance of Chris Walker's and Cal Crutchlow's GSX-R1000s.
Motorex, the Swiss family-owned motorcycle oil specialist, is respected in global racing for its high-quality range of motorcycle lubricants. It has committed to working with Rizla Suzuki's technical staff to develop oil for the Suzuki GSX-R1000, giving the optimum mix of performance and protection.
Rizla Suzuki Team Manager Simon Buckmaster said: "Engine oil is one of the most critical parts of any motorcycle or Superbike. Good engine oil will allow maximum horsepower while providing protection and reliability.
"Motorex is a partner to the all-conquering Suzuki AMA Superbike team and is well known for its high performance lubricants. The oils it develops on the race track are the same as the product it sells on the shelves and we are delighted to be part of that process.
"We will start with the same oil that the AMA Suzuki team uses and we will work with Motorex to find increased horsepower and reliability. This partnership offers a real tangible benefit to Rizla Suzuki - it will give us an edge - and that's vital when you are competing in the most competitive national Superbike Championship in the world."
As well as engine oil, Motorex offers the highest quality lubricants for transmission, forks, air filter, cleaning, chain, clutch, brake fluid, anti-freeze, grease and additives. It is already acknowledged as a leader in the off-road and motocross markets.
Motorex UK spokesman David Banks said: "Motorex is a motorcycle oil specialist. The products it develops for bikes are completely specific to the unique needs and demands of motorcycles and are amongst the highest performing and most protective available.
"Motorex is turning its attention to the UK market where performance and reliability are key demands from bike owners. With the help of Rizla Suzuki we will develop our lubricants for customers and grow our business through the motorcycle dealer network across the country. We are also hoping to enjoy quite a bit of success on the race track at the same time."
For more details on Motorex, its products or technical information on oil, as well as your local stockist, visit http://www.motorexuk.com/. Motorex technical staff will join Rizla Suzuki during its pre-season test programme starting on February 7-8th at Calafat in Spain. The British Superbike Championship starts on Bank Holiday Monday, April 9th at Brands Hatch in Kent.
For more news, visit www.rizla-suzuki.co.uk