January 17 2007.
Day three at Expo saw a continuance in record attendance figures, both in terms of numbers of persons and the companies represented, with 1061 visitors spending the final day in the three halls. All exhibitors reported that the quality of the enquiries and leads, as well as the business done was excellent throughout the show.
Certainly this continued upward trend in the show is a credit to Colin Mayo, the driving force behind the show, who was understandably given a lifetime achievement award as part of the Sunday night activities.
Another old face who graced the show was ex MCN ad supremo Peter Archer, who in conjunction with Terry Minter, himself ex MCN, launched the Motorcycle Trade Desk. The idea is that this trade only web site, will allow dealers to  source bikes, or move on unwanted stock to other dealers with both sides benefiting. terry@motorcycletradedesk.co.uk
Reivers Wholesale were attracting a lot of interest on their stand thanks to the ingenuous Luma XMART disc lock.
This clever device not only acts as an anti-theft deterrent when the bike is stationary, but then becomes the rider's foot-peg when on the move. This way there is no danger of the rider falling off by forgetting to release the device before moving off. In addition it means that the security is never forgotten when going out for a ride! info@reiversonline.com
Sava tyres, which are produced in Slovenia, for scooters and motorcycles made a welcome return to the UK by exhibiting on the Bike Tyrestore stand. Making their debut at Expo, the stand attracted a lot of attention  thanks to their extensive line-up of tyres headed by MC29 Sporty3+ scooter tyre. sales@biketyrestore.com
Givi of course are a well known brand of luggage and their well laid out stand showed their extensive range of bike luggage to its best advantage. Pride of place was given to their new T450 trolley bag which clips onto their tail platform to form a 'top-box'. When released from the horizontal position and stood upright it becomes a conventional roller bag as seen in every airport in the world. Thanks to its stylish appearance it easily usable in the office and even has a built in lap-top compartment as well. info@givi.co.uk
Another familiar name at Expo wasRock Oil  who were aiming their main thrust at dealer's workshops. Offering a quality price mix with all top specification lubricants, they reported brisk business. mail@rockoil.co.uk
Rawland were showing their new range of leathers and textiles and offering generous dealer margins. The British based company has a factory in Essex that can tailor garments to meet customer's needs.
One of many insurance companies present at Expo were  Roadsure who were present to find out what dealers want and to promote their Dealer Scheme. With this in mind, show-goers were asked to complete a questionnaire to help the recently re-branded company formulate their business to meet customer needs. Roadsure will soon be offering a' Track Bike' insurance for those who do not ride on the road but still want their bikes covered! bike@roadsuregroup.com
It is a well known fact that more damage is done to bikes in vans or on trailers than ever happens on the road. WM System Ltd having been at Expo four times before  again attended to show the trade their loading ramps aimed at reducing those instances of bikes falling out/off of vans. Meeting all current Health and Safety directives, they seemed to attract constant attention on each day of Expo. ramps@wmsystem.co.uk
Youngs International were showing a whole range of Suda lightweight models that have only just arrived in the UK. Amongst the range of scooters was also a neat little 200cc 'crosser that is likely to sell well. In addition they also had some of the FYM brand on display which they also import. info@sudbike.com
Wulfsport has been around now for 27 years and has been a regular show attendee during that time. As ever, the solid range of  top-notch off-road race wear (that always attracts the discerning dealer) was on display, along with a new vest complete with a built-in chest protector. Called the 'Shail Shield' it will soon be available in a variety of sizes. .  bill@wulfsport.info
HQB Sport and Leisure  were just one of many quad distributors present and they were showing the whole range of their Quantum brand of vehicles. Star of their display, was the road legal ZX250 that has received a glowing review in QUAD magazine recently. Also new was a road legal 500. sales@quantumquads.co.uk
These are just some of over 220 exhibitors that attended this years Expo. Check out the next hard magazine copy Motorcycle Trader and Directory for more reviews of the three day show at Stoneleigh.