January 19 2007.

BSR has collected 12 years of data to develop their new in-store display for the Aerotek range of special fasteners, which gives dealers an opportunity to explore new profit opportunities from the nuts and bolts of biking.
This neat and compact stand is supplied with over 100 products, representing a diverse selection from Aerotek's extensive range.  These include Paddock Stand Bobbin sets, Alloy Oil Filler Plugs, Stainless Disc Bolt and Sprocket Nut sets, Luggage Anchor sets, Stainless Steel Engine and Fairing Kits, and Dzus Fastener Kits.  In many cases dealers can choose from make- and model-specific or universal options. 
 "Whatever bike your customer rides, it will be held together with nuts and bolts," comments BSR Director Wendy Grant.  "Sooner or later they'll need to replace a missing nut or bolt or upgrade a damaged or corroded item.  These inexpensive items are great for incremental sales."
The Aerotek stands are supplied free with a stocking order and participating dealers will benefit from a 66% margin on stock and future orders, meaning even more profits!

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