January 19 2007.

The Titanium Smart Charger from Acumen has all the functionality of the company's original Platinum Smart Charger, but with the added benefit of a backlit liquid crystal voltmeter display that gives it the capability to be used as a diagnostics tool.
Like most popular smart chargers, this microprocessor-based unit test charges, maintains and recovers batteries automatically.  However, the Titanium also provides a display of the charging voltage when in use and also the battery's state of charge when disconnected from the mains circuit.  This will help owners to quickly and easily diagnose some of the more common problems with the battery and charging system.
·         Battery malfunction (a reading of less than 12.5 volts while charging)
·         Regulator/rectifier problems - voltage rises above the maximum recommended in the owner's manual (with charger disconnected from mains and engine running).
·         Alternator failing - voltage falls below 12 volts and continues to fall (with charger disconnected from the mains circuit and engine running).
This robust piece of kit is housed in a splash proof (IP42 certified), attractive and robust extruded aluminium casing.  On the front of the casing are simple-to-interpret indicator lights, which warn of incorrect polarity and advise of battery condition and charging status.   
The Titanium comes packed in a durable steel presentation case complete with a waterproof eyelet lead with waterproof fuse for permanent connection to battery, crocodile lead for temporary connections to battery, 3-metre extension lead, UK and European mains leads and a wall bracket with fixings.
The Acumen Titanium Charger sells for £49.99 inc. VAT

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