January 8 2010.

The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 was specifically designed to test at under 4kn transmitted energy when subjected to the standard CE test EN1621-2. 4kn is considered by medical experts to be the maximum amount of transmitted energy that should be subjected to a user to prevent severe back and rib trauma. Independent testing by SATRA shows a mean test result of 3.38kn making it the first motorcycle back protector in the world to attain this level of performance.

The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector is constructed with a removable and washable outer cover; this gives the user the ability to keep the cover clean and hygienic. It also makes the protector more flexible as it is not bonded at the edges, which in turn makes it more comfortable - a prime consideration when Forcefield design any protector, as it is known that if a protector isn't comfortable it will not be used or could be distracting and dangerous for the user.

As with all Forcefield Body Armour, the Pro Sub 4 has RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) ensuring continued and consistent protection even after multiple impacts.

The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 has been available in the US since the beginning of 2009 and has received many glowing reviews,.

- The world's first Motorcycle back protector to transmit less than 4kn when subjected to the standard CE test

- Removable & Washable Outer Cover

- CE Level 2 Protection - Highest Possible

- Repeat Performance Technology

- Comfortable & Non restrictive

- Flexible

- Breathable

- Moulds to body shape

- Adjustable waist and shoulder straps

- Multi Sport use

Approved to EN1621-2:2003 and EN340:2003

Sizes Available: S - M - L - XL

RRP £119.99 Available From March 2010

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