January 11 2010.

Scorpion Automotive has acquired one of the world's best known motorcycle accessory companies, Datatool.

The acquisition brings together two names synonymous with innovation in vehicle alarms and accessories. The Datatool brand will operate alongside the established Scorpion name, and joins the brands of Toad and Sigma to form the UK's largest vehicle security and in-car communications company.

As part of the acquisition deal, Scorpion was able to maintain the highly successful and experienced Datatool team of engineers and sales managers. As a result, the Datatool approved dealer network will see a smooth transition.

Scorpion Automotive has a well established Research and Development facility at its Headquarters in Lancashire, which will be used to develop exciting new products under the Datatool name, which will also be manufactured in-house by the company.

Mark Downing, Scorpion Automotive's Managing Director, commented: "This deal signals a significant step forward for both businesses. Datatool and Scorpion have a reputation in the business for quality and reliability. We plan to work closely with our customers to find out what they want from our product range, and respond with exciting new products, as well as continuing with design changes and enhancements to our existing ones."

Datatool's National Sales Manager, Steve Willey, thanked all of Datatool's customers for their ongoing support, and commented: "This is an excellent move for Datatool. Scorpion has unrivalled expertise in the automotive electronics business with full R&D and manufacturing facilities based in the UK. This provides Datatool with an excellent resource to further develop and produce new and exciting motorcycle products, and continue to provide our dealers with the best technical support in the industry."

Datatool's product range includes alarms and immobilisers, locks and chains, Text-Alert (text messages from your alarm system), Inforad (speed camera detector), bike specific SatNav systems, and the company is also the exclusive distributor for the Datatag range of security products.