November 10 2005.
As the International Motorcycle and Scooter Show came to an end the registration figures for October remained on an even keel as the year to date figures for all motorcycles, mopeds and scooters remained the same as October 2004.
The total year to date figure for motorcycles and mopeds showed a five percent increase, but mopeds slipped back by eight percent.
Three sectors continue to increase the number of registrations when comparing year to date statistics. Adventure (32 %), Naked (17%) and Custom (6 %) have consistently grown and further reinforce the growing diversity in motorcycling and the demands from the riders who are voting with their wallets.
Enthusiasm for all things motorcycling remains high and this is reflected in the attendance figures at the NEC show, which were robust and reversed the trend that had seen visitor numbers falling.
Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, " The year to date figures are reassuring and in this time where house prices are falling and there is a less public confidence in the economy it is heartening to see registrations at the same level as last year.
" The Adventure sector has sustained growth and other sectors are growing. Now is an important time to look to how we can develop other sectors, such as mopeds which are showing a decline"