January 12 2010.

MB Developments has modified and redeveloped its external six plate clutch kit to fit internally with no packer, which means all exhausts now fit with no modifications.

The crown wheel comes as a 46 or 47 tooth, fully CNC machined, lightened and heat treated. It will work with any standard clutch spider and pressure plate, the bearing surface is hardened to use needle roller bearings which are much more reliable than a bush and prevents clutch rock, which wears out chains. These are machined deeper allowing the use of 4, 5 or a 6 plate combination.

The new one piece CNC, hardened spider is interchangeable in any 4, 5 or 6 plate clutch set up.

The MBD CNC pressure plate is longer than standard which, with a deep crown wheel and spider allows more plates to be fitted with no modifications and works with Gp or Li type side casings.

All parts are available separately, or as a complete assembly or kit.

The MBD clutch assembly comprises of crown wheel, extended clutch flange, clutch spider, clutch nut, clutch tab washer, clutch springs, clutch needle bearings and clutch circlip and retails at £311.38.

You can use any combination of preferred clutch plates, although MB recommend the easy 5 plate surflex 'B' kit, comprising of 5 x Surflex B clutch plates, 3mm top plate and 4 x 1.5mm clutch steels. If you want a freer clutch 1.5mm clutch steels can be swapped for 1.2mm or 1mm clutch steels or combination of all of them.

Mark Broadhurst
MB Developments
Tel: 01709 869756.