November 14 2005.
Yamaha  is looking to increase sales of motorcycles in Asia outside Japan by introducing high-performance models and adding flagship stores.
In two to three years, the company aims to raise sales of automatic-transmission motorcycles out of total cycle sales in the region to about 30%, up from roughly 20% at present. It also plans to introduce other high-end models priced between 100,000 yen and 150,000 yen and open large flagship dealerships in India.
In Asia, Yamaha focuses on the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, including Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, as its strategic market for motorcycles. However, demand in Thailand and Vietnam has dipped, so the firm is racing to increase sales of automatic-transmission motorcycles elsewhere, chiefly in Indonesia. It will also introduce other high-performance models to the Asian market to push up average prices.
Yamaha's sales in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam totaled 168.6 billion yen in 2004. It aims to raise that figure to 273 billion yen in 2007.
And in India, the company plans to develop flagship stores, which it has been opening in Thailand and Vietnam. Yamaha has around 450 sales sites in India, but only one of these is a flagship store. In the near term, it plans to raise the number of such sites in India to 40-50.

Source: The Nikkei Business Daily