January 19 2010.

Schuberth has introduced anew communication system for the C3 helmet.

Its functions are:

- Multiple device bluetooth connectivity

- Use phone, music or sat nav either via bluetooth or cable

- Built-in FM radio with RDS

- Talk to other system users up to 300m away - or your pillion

- Automatic volume controlled by speed and ambient noise

- Ten hour talk time / one week on stand-by (re-chargeable)

However, the way all this technology is packaged is the real deal-maker: it's built into a neck roll which you simply exchange for the existing one.... fitted in seconds.


There is a film on the website, plus a really impressive interactive product presentation which shows you how to fit it and use it.

The long anticipated launch of this system has created a huge demand and many advance orders.

RRP is £299.99.

For more information, contact Oxford on 01993 862 300 or email