January 19 2010.

Swinton Bikes, the specialist motorbike insurance division of Swinton, the UK's leading high street insurance retailer, has re-launched its dealer referral scheme with brand new incentives for 2010.

The popular dealer referral scheme pays dealers £10 for every customer they refer to the Swinton Bikes call centre for a motorbike insurance quote, regardless of whether a policy is actually taken out.

Following the success of last year's scheme, Swinton has added to the basic £10 reward, bringing a whole range of incentives for 2010. The new scheme offers dealers the chance to be entered into a monthly draw with prizes worth up to £100 every time someone makes a referral, along with free sales support and free promotional materials for open days, including Swinton's custom bike and a Swinton Siren!

The Swinton Bikes dealer referral scheme uses a unique automated call tracking system and gives every dealer their own personal 0800 number, allowing automatic call logging and ensuring that dealers know they're getting the correct referral bonus each month.

Anthony Aronin, head of Swinton Bikes said: "Following the popularity of last year's scheme, we wanted to make sure that we build on the relationship between dealer and broker by giving them even greater incentives. We have kept the individual 0800 number so that dealers receive their bonus on time and built on the scheme by introducing further rewards for dealers, hopefully allowing us to reach more potential customers.

"A major focus for 2010 will be the level of support we provide to dealers. We plan to do face to face visits on our brand new customised Suzuki Hayabusa to offer sales support. We hope that this and all of the other new incentives will help us to pay out more and more each month to dealerships all around the country with the dealer referral scheme."

The dealer referral scheme is open to any motorcycle dealer in the UK. Any dealers who would like to sign up the scheme can call 0800 068 7988 or email bikedealers@swinton.co.uk  

Swinton Bikes is a division of the Swinton Group and searches through motorbike schemes from top insurers who offer low premiums to owners of all types of bikes, scooters and quad bikes.