January 22 2010.

Metzeler has announced the full spec of its radical new tyre, the Metzeler Sportec M5 InteractT, featuring a five zoned belt, special compounds, innovative tread design and lean angle indicator.

This new product has innovative developments in abundance that have been designed to redefine the Supersport tyre sector in terms of grip at all lean angles, compound technology and design.

The new five tension zones combine the technical advantages of the extreme racing-oriented Racetec InteractT tyres with those of the sport-touring Roadtec Z6 InteractT, a combination which showcases the best options in tread design and compounds for the best combination of traction, even in wet conditions, smooth rideability and wear uniformity. In all conditions, on every road, the Sportec M5 InteractT is designed to be the perfect all-round supersport tyre.

InteractT: 5 Zones Tension Technology
Metzeler engineers answered the most diverse requirements of the supersport segment with a new stage of development on the tension system of the tyre's steel-belt. The new Sportec M5 InteractT boasts five well-defined zones over the entire contour of the tyre, achieving the best grip for each lean angle, high stability and constant feedback. InteractT technology is the precise tuning of the high-tech steel belt, winding tensions combined with a perfectly matched carcass, without the discontinuity experienced by alternative multi-compound products. With this new structure, Metzeler engineers also succeeded in optimising the total area of the tyre footprint at every lean angle with an 8% increase, while improving also its shape and pressure distribution. This success is felt in every situation: with an increased stability in a straight line, better contact feel at the central part of the curve and safe grip at full lean.

New 'Pi' Tread Pattern
The tread pattern of the new Sportec M5 InteractT is the result of an extensive series of tests to achieve high effectiveness in dry (for maximum stability) and wet (for drainage) conditions, but also provides an increased life for the tyre. The registered design of the Sportec M5 InteractT tyre tread resembles the Greek letter "Pi", a component of the formula of a perfect circle. The shape and distribution of the tread grooves contribute to the overall performance of the Sportec M5 InteractT with very effective water drainage as well as superb flexibility. This increased flexibility complements the InteractT-based tyre structure in maintaining an optimized contact area to avoid slippage which positively affects wear uniformity and thus mileage.

Lean Indicator
An additional 'first' comes from the Sportec M5's new lean indicator which offers riders visual confirmation of the maximum level of the tyre's usage: riders can verify which of the 5-stage markings were contacted while riding. The five lean indicator markings are placed on the shoulder of the rear tyre where the profile meets the road surface at angles of approximately 25°, 30°, 35°, 40° and 45°, (depending on vehicle weight and tyre pressure).

High Silica Mixture
The two newly developed tread compounds of the Sportec M5, unique between front and rear, seamlessly partner with the InteractT structure. Derived from a completely new mixing procedure and produced with a larger percentage of silica, they bring top-of-segment adhesion in dry conditions as well as uncompromising confidence in the wet, retaining a rapid warm-up time for a maximum supersport grip level from the off.

The new Sportec M5 InteractT will be available from the middle of February 2010 in front size: 120/70ZR17; as well as three rear sizes:, 180/55ZR17, 190/50ZR17 and 190/55ZR17, and will gradually replace its successful predecessor, the Sportec M3. Front size 120/60ZR17 and rear size 160/60ZR17 will follow in April 2010.

Sportec M5 InteractT has already completed homologation for most modern sports bikes and naked bikes and for more specific fitment, visit Metzeler's website: where you will find the latest releases, technical details for the entire motorcycle tyre range.