January 25 2010.

Malossi, renowned for all things performance based for scooters, produce a range of performance brake pads for all levels of use, from road to full race specification machines. The range of pads consists of Sport, MHR and MHR Synt versions.

Brake Pads MHR Synt (copper): sintered pads are manufactured with a specific material that makes them an optimal choice for extreme riding conditions. Malossi recommends them for use on Maxi Scooters and for 50/70cc scooters with high performance specifications. The use of cast iron discs is not recommended with this type of pad.

Brake Pads MHR (red): are slower to reach working temperature but provide exceptional braking at elevated speeds where deceleration is needed the most.

Brake Pads Sport (black): feature increased braking life compared to the original pads and in addition they supply a greater braking power even at lower speeds. Suitable for road and commuter use.

Malossi has developed all of the compounds in conjunction with factory sponsored riders to ensure the best possible braking performance across all levels of riding. With a vast range of model fitments for all of the major scooter manufacturers, Malossi brake pads offer a braking performance increase whilst maintaining a competitive price against standard replacement pads.

Malossi MHR Synt brake pads start at just £12.72 RRP excl Vat. per set.
Malossi MHR brake pads start at just £6.81 RRP excl Vat. per set.
Malossi Sport brake pads start at just £6.81 RRP excl Vat. per set.

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