January 29 2010.

CuzTOOL's TirePro repair kit offers a simple and effective roadside solution for both tubed and tubeless tyres and, unlike other emergency repair kits, doesn't require gas cylinders, a 12 volt electricity supply or auxiliary pump to inflate the tyre.

When a puncture is located, use the adhesive, patches and plugs to repair it, then simply remove one spark plug, insert a suitable TirePro adaptor into the plug-hole, screw on the hose, and inflate the tyre to the required pressure. The engine pump system, gives a virtually unlimited air supply - as long as the engine can be turned - offering ample capacity to inflate both front and rear tyres. The kit includes adaptors suitable for use with most common spark plug sizes and a 1.8m hose, which can easily reach either front or rear tyre.

As the TirePro eliminates the need to carry replacement gas cylinders or bulky air pumps, it can be stored easily in underseat compartments or luggage and is ideal for touring, adventure and off-road riding, where access to equipment and power supplies is limited.

Particularly suitable for dirt bikes and classic motorcycles, the TirePro repair kits sell for £17.51(including VAT)

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