February 1 2010.

Michelin has released the Michelin Power Pure, the lightest sports motorcycle tyre in its category.

Available now, the Michelin Power Pure weighs two pounds less than competing tyres in the same category and is the lightest dual-compound tyre ever approved for road use. The front and rear tyres are available in two and four sizes respectively, to fit a broad range of sports bikes.

Because they weigh less, Michelin Power Pure tyres are claimed to offer unmatched handling with greater responsiveness and enhanced riding pleasure.

They also offer key benefits in terms of safety and longevity. Safety has been improved by the application of second-generation, dual-compound technology developed specifically for the Power Pure. The soft layer of rubber on the tyre's shoulders has been widened to provide excellent traction when the bike begins to lean. Long tread life is the hallmark of all Michelin tyres and the Power Pure owes its longevity to the depth of its tread, which is the same as that of previous-generation tyres.

Less weight for the same amount of rubber is the result of Michelin Light Tire Technology (Michelin LTT). Michelin's latest sports motorcycle tyre is a good illustration of the Group's strategy, which is never to sacrifice one performance characteristic for another. This means improving performance in several different areas simultaneously.

The new Michelin Power Pure integrates cutting-edge technologies developed by Michelin for high-performance motorcycles.