February 3 2010.

Don't miss it. This Friday, 5th February, is the deadline for consultation responses to be made on the proposed Third Driving Licence Directive (3DLD).

Karen Cooke, MCI Director of Motorcycle Safety is orchestrating the industry's joint response and urges anyone with an opinion on the third leg of the driving licence overhaul, to be heard.

"Not everyone will agree with every aspect of the MCI's response," said Karen, "But that's not the point. We need to show that people from within the motorcycle trade and industry actually care and are interested. The more views we put forward, the more chance we have of making a difference. Every vote counts and we need to show that we're not going to give them an easy ride."

Visit  to read the consultation papers and give Karen a call on 02476 408031 if you need help or wish to discuss further.