February 10 2010.

VE (UK)  has announced the arrival of the new Malossi V4 cylinder head to suit all Piaggio 4 stroke liquid cooled scooters that are based on 125cc, 180cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc platforms.

The new V4 head produces an extra 15 to 25% power increase across the entire range of capacities. Even more importantly the new head carries a fitment list of over an amazing 70 models. Made from the finest cast aluminium alloys, and machined to extremely high tolerances, the head is designed to work with the Malossi 210cc 4T cylinder kit VM311473 on the 125cc, and 180cc platforms, whilst all other capacity machines can utilise the V4 head with the original cylinder.

The new V4 head features an increased intake valve size of 25mm with an also increased exhaust valve size of 22.2mm, allowing Malossi to generate the increase in power. The head is supplied complete with valves, valve springs, valve seats, and is ready to be fitted. Due to the larger valve size a new piston has been launched for those already using a Malossi 210cc kit, this gives the V4 head buyer the opportunity to fit the head with a the new piston or they can if they wish machine their existing piston to accommodate the larger valves.

Also launched at the same time is the new 269cc cylinder kit for the Piaggio 250 scooters, which is suitable for use on all models using the popular Piaggio Quasar 250 motor.

As well as the V4 head, specialised V4 packs will be available for the Piaggio 125/180/200 liquid cooled 4T motors containing the 210cc cylinder kit, a V4 head and Malossi camshaft, and for the Piaggio 250cc motors, a pack is also available with the 269cc cylinder kit and the V4 head.

Pricing as follows:
The V4 cylinder head only for the Piaggio Leader motors is £380.00 RRP excl Vat, (V4 cylinder head incl - valves, valve springs, valve seats).

The Piaggio Leader kit is priced at £722.72 RRP excl Vat, (V4 cylinder head incl - Powercam camshaft, valves, valve springs, valve seats, and 210cc cylinder kit).

The Piaggio Quasar kit is priced at £635.45 RRP excl Vat, (V4 cylinder head incl - valves, valve springs, valve seats, and 269cc cylinder kit).

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