February 10 2010.

The Scottoiler team was delighted to receive the MCN Product of the Year award for best accessory/service at the 2009 MCN awards in Excel, London, for the pompany's electronic lubrication system, the eSystem. This is the second award in a week that Scottoiler has won, the first being the KTP Scotland Award 2010 for the same product. KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) is Europe's leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of the knowledge, technology and skills that are available within the UK knowledge base.

Marketing and Export manager Nick Muddle said, "We're thrilled to win the MCN Product of the Year Award and believe it reflects the high quality of Scottoiler's product range. The award in this category was judged not only on the introduction of new, novel technologies but also on a proven track record of sales. On this basis we'd like to thank our UK wholesaler and dealer network and our export partners for helping us achieve this success. This brings yet another boost to the company's profile as the leading manufacturer of chain lubrication systems".

Barry Stewart from Scottoiler's research and development team said, "When the eSystem was released last year it was the culmination of 18 months design and development work by the R&D team followed by more hard work from our production and sales staff to bring the product to market. To now gain formal recognition from the motorcycle industry is a fantastic feeling! MCN is obviously a major part of the motorcycle world and to gain an award from the leading publication based on the technological innovation and function of our product means a great deal and shows that Scottoiler still lead the way in chain lubrication."