February 5 2007.
It's the most frequently asked question in the motorcycle tyre world ............ "WHAT'S THE BEST TYRE FOR MY BIKE ?"  and it's the title of a 45 minute DVD produced by leading bike tyre wholesaler, Bike Tyrestore.
Filmed on location and with input from all the top tyre manufacturers and household names like Ron Haslam, this DVD will help the trade answer this fundamental question and can enable dealers to raise the profile of motorcycle tyre sales in their businesses.
Although produced for the motorcycle trade, the DVD will also inform and entertain their customers and can be usefully played in the showroom to stimulate interest in all the sophisticated and often complicated tyre choices now available.
For the first time, dealers can show tyre buyers how bike tyres are made and hear leading tyre experts deal with many of the crucial questions they want to ask !
And to round off every sale with a professional touch, Bike Tyrestore customers can use these Tyre Safety stickers with their dealer name and a reminder of the recommended pressures for the new tyres just fitted.

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DVD release date - February 20 2007.      
Visit: www.biketyrestore.com