February 5 2007.

The new 250cc Geopolis scooter from Peugeot combines the performance and handling of a motorcycle with the convenience of a scooter and sophisticated safety features found on the latest cars, all wrapped up in an award-winning package. The Geopolis was voted the 'clear winner' in the Motorcycle Design Awards ( when it was previewed prior to going on sale in Europe.  Its aggressive styling, compact design and large wheels ensure that the Geopolis stands out from the crowd. 
The designers of the Peugeot Geopolis were able to share technology and even some components with their colleagues on the four-wheel team, with positive benefits, particularly in terms of safety. Peugeot's acclaimed ABS-PBS system, for anti-lock and powered braking, combines three types of assistance: an anti-lock system linked to the twin 260mm discs on the front wheel, automatic distribution of the brake force between the two wheels, through the left-hand rear brake lever, and electronic boost to the power exerted on the brake lever. Its double optic headlights are derived from the Peugeot 407 and are fitted with H7 halogen bulbs for maximum illumination. 
In terms of road manners, the Geopolis is said to be more motorcycle than scooter. Its large 16" diameter wheels and sports profile tyres are claimed to give stability and excellent handling, particularly at motorway speeds. Its compact design and low weight make it easy to manoeuvre through city traffic and squeeze into tight parking spaces. The commanding riding position, with feet tucked away from the elements in the foot-well, increases the sensation of control compared to the majority of 'feet forward' styled maxi scooters. 
A responsive and gutsy 22bhp liquid cooled 4-stroke engine, with fully automatic transmission, delivers plenty of usable power. 
The Geopolis is Euro 3 compliant, which ensures that it is clean and economical and meets the stringent current standards on carbon emissions.
Peugeot's design team recognised that it was important to create a vehicle that scored highly in terms of comfort, convenience and security for customers requiring everyday transport.  The windshield provides plenty of protection from the elements and behind it the dashboard has an embedded trip computer with LCD panel display for easy reading day and night.  Beneath is a glove compartment with a handy 12V power socket so a 'phone can be charged while on the move and there is a fully integrated storage compartment under the seat, with plenty of space to carry shopping or to store apparel at the end of the ride.   The Geopolis is fitted with an integral 1.4 metre security chain by Abus of Germany, which is secured to the chassis, so the vehicle can be quickly and easily secured when parked. 
Initially the range-topping Geopolis 250 Executive will be available in the UK in a choice of pearl black and Luxus Grey for ¬£3,699 on the road. Peugeot anticipate that the Geopolis will appeal to commuters who are looking for a safe, comfortable and practical alternative to the car or motorcycle for their daily transport.  The Premium version (without ABS/PBS and Abus lock) is due in May. 
The Geopolis has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind and affordable insurance is available through Peugeot's long-term partner, MCE 0870 01-01-125.

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