February 17 2010.

Measuring just 15cm x 10 cm x 5 cm, the new PAPS (Portable Asset Protection System) from Acumen is a very clever little box of tricks. It will alert you by SMS (a standard text message) sent to your mobile phone (and up to two others) if it detects movement, tilt, or a significant temperature change. Not only is the Acumen PAPS small, it is also light (less than 300 grams) making it truly portable, and with up to six months internal battery life you could even take it on holiday to protect a machine when parked in a garage, van, tent, etc.

To arm the Acumen PAPS simply enter the 5-digit security code (which is chosen during set up and can be altered at any time) either using the key pad on the box or by SMS text message. This will activate between one and three functions, which you can select to suit your needs.

Triple functions
1. The PIR 'dome' on the front of the PAPS unit senses movement - or rather, it scans the area being monitored and senses changes in background temperature patterns caused by movement in its field of 'vision'. There are three settings for the sensitivity of the PIR, from low to high.

2. There is also a tilt sensor that can be instructed to work in addition to the motion sensor and is ideal for use inside a movable asset, such as a van, caravan or box trailer, or in any environment where picking up the PAPS unit or knocking it over will trigger an alert.

3. A heat sensor inside the unit can be instructed to send you temperature level alerts, either hot or cold. There are three hot settings (30, 40 and 50°C) and three cold settings (from -5 to 5°C).

Remote control

Owners can adjust sensitivity to heat and movement, check the power level and even interrogate the PAPS (asking it questions about the local temperature for example) using any mobile phone (although it will only respond to the phone numbers programmed within the unit).

It is also possible to set up the Acumen PAPS to send duplicate alerts for movement, temperature and tilt to a second or even a third mobile phone number - for example your partner, a friend or neighbour.

The Acumen PAPS is covered by a 12-month warranty and comes supplied with a mains charger to which it can be left permanently connected. It can also be charged from any 12V power source, such as those found in caravans and vans.

The Acumen PAPS retails for £199.99 including VAT. The only additional item required to make it work is a SIM card with sufficient credits to send text messages. These can be purchased inexpensively from most leading operators or Acumen can supply to order.

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