February 18 2010.

Michelin is one of the world's best known tyre brands for all types of vehicles, no matter if it's on four wheels or two. VE (UK) stocks a full complement of the Michelin scooter tyre range in 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 inch sizes.

Pricing on Michelin scooter tyres starts at just £21.50 RRP excl Vat.

Fun styling, a block-style tread pattern and excellent grip make the Reggae the tyre for scooters on the move. Highly capable on loose surfaces, the Reggae is a true all-season tyre for on- and off-road use.

The Michelin S1 emphasizes performance and cutting-edge style. While its large tread blocks promise good wear resistance, the directional design combines durability and handling.

Designed for classic scooters, the Michelin S83 combines retro looks with modern performance. Available in traditional wheel sizes (8 or 10 inches), it offers excellent durability at a very economical price.

An entry-level tyre, the Michelin SM100 is focused on long tread life.Ideally suited to difficult conditions, the SM100 evacuates water very effectively thanks to its deep, pronounced tread grooves.

Gold Standard
In light of the increasing popularity of very large-displacement scooters, featuring more power, greater comfort and also greater weight, Michelin has introduced the first scooter tyre directly evolved from a motorcycle tyre. Its distinct front and rear tread patterns perform in concert, maximizing power delivery and evacuating water effectively. Progressive wear patterns help the Gold Standard attain impressive durability.

Grip and stability on any road make the VM100 the reference standard for scooter tyres. Deep, pronounced tread grooves promote effective water evacuation.

Pilot City
Intended for everyday scooter users, the Michelin Pilot City is both practical and reassuring. It's readily adaptable to virtually all road surfaces and conditions. Whether you're riding on wet cobblestones or dry asphalt, the Pilot City's level of grip remains constant. Add to that a remarkably comfortable ride with excellent tread life, and you'll enjoy the best of all possible worlds.

Pilot Sport
An adaptation of the highly regarded Pilot Sport tyre found on many new sport motorcycles, the Michelin Pilot Sport SC is designed for large-displacement scooters. Its 100% silica rubber mix, developed from MotoGP racing technology, delivers excellent grip. The tyre's profile promotes aggressive cornering and offers excellent handling on any type of road.

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