Februrary 6 2007.

What is PumpX?
Specifically manufactured for the plague of "muscle fatigue", PumpX helps to enhance the performance of athletes by bringing oxygen to the cellular level.
With the proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, athletes are able to notice an increase of endurance,
recovery time and strength.
With the addition of PumpX, the metabolites that normally prohibit an athletes performance are constantly
being flushed away, which may provide the extra boost needed to win competitions.
Unlike other competition formulas, PumpX is stimulant free and does not contain caffeine, ephedra, anabolic
steroids or blood thinning agents.
This 'all natural' supplement provides athletes with the intensity needed to thrive without having to worry
about a sugar, caffeine or steroid crash.
PumpX is now widely used in all areas of motorcycle racing, and for the 2007 season has secured endorsements and sponsorship arrangements with Carl Nunn, current British MX2 Champion, Sam Warren, current British Supermotard Champion, plus the Relentless Suzuki Motocross squad to name a few.
In 2007 PumpX (UK) want to build on the success of 2006 and help sponsored riders and teams, through to valued customers achieve maximum potential without the problem of "arm pump".
With proven results, ever increasing demand and being a product that is claimed to be completely natural and safe for everyone to use, there really is no other product like PumpX.
If you would like to become a registered retailer for PumpX, or require any further information regarding the product, vist  www.pump-x.co.uk or call 01242 579362 for further details.