February 23 2010.

Scottoiler has released a kit designed specifically for the BMW F800R. The kit holds a special RMV cage designed for easy positioning along with a special T-piece and vacuum damper, essential for the unique installation on this machine.

The BMW F800R kit offers significant benefits to the owner. The obvious increase in chain life will certainly save money over the long-term, not only on chain and sprocket replacement costs, but also on the amount of time spent maintaining the transmission. The lubricant applied through the Scottoiler helps keep the chain clean as well as lubed, retaining that 'new chain' look for longer and preventing rust formation.

Rory from Scottoiler's Research and Development team said, "The BMW F800R kit was developed following significant consumer demand from a number of key international markets. It features a number of bespoke parts for a discrete installation on the bike and step by step instructions with images depicting each stage of the installation."

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