February 20 2007.

Ever heard of a motorcycle chain with a guaranteed mileage life? That's the astonishing cast-iron back up from Bickers for the DID X2. Bickers are offering a stunning two-year or 25,000-mile warranty on this Super Heavy Duty chain.  If the chain wears out before then - and it's been properly maintained - Bickers will replace it under warranty.
They can do this because DID's X2 is tough enough to cope with the worst job on a bike, exposed to dirt, grime, road salt and water.  DID's existing X-Ring chain already outperforms every conventional O-ring chain on the market. Conventional O-rings get squashed between the chain side plates, increasing friction.  The DID X-Ring twists instead, dispersing the pressure and minimising power loss.
DID X2 X-Ring has four contact points, which greatly increases its sealing performance, keeping dirt out and lubricant in.
That makes for a low friction, long-life chain - the only one with a high mileage warranty. And warranties now come with every DID chain supplied by Bickers - O-Ring, X-Ring and X2:
* DID O-Ring Chain - 1 year/10,000 miles
* DID X-Ring Chain - 2 years/15,000 miles
* DID X2-Ring Chain - 2 years/25,000 miles

For prices or more information contact Bickers sales on 08704 282272