March 1 2010.

The number of deliveries of utility (work) All Terrain Vehicles recorded by the AEA ATV/Quad Group in 2009 decreased by 4.7% to 7,423 units.

The machines covered in this unaudited and detail-free statement do not cover leisure, sports or road-legal quadricycle units, nor utility units sold by non AEA members, so it is hardly a complete picture of ATV sales in 2009.
Group Chairman, Phil Everett of Polaris Britain Ltd, commented: "Considering the overall economy, the Utility ATV market has performed reasonably well. This market was also affected by price increases across all manufacturers due to adverse currency exchange rates and increased production costs. A good example of the resilience of the UK market is the comparison with the largest ATV market in the world which is the United States; this market was 28% down over 2008 - which in turn was 29% down over 2007, with similar sharp declines amongst southern European countries. Overall the industry responded well to the challenges of 2009. I believe we are in a stronger position now to move this segment of the market forward during 2010, and also to continue to offer strong support to the utility sector during this coming year."