March 2 2010

After a breakthrough year in which it became the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, Zero Motorcycles announced today the highly anticipated launch of its 2010 product line, including the Zero S, DS, X, and MX.

With added power, increased acceleration, and enhanced power pack technology, Zero Motorcycles industry recognized innovation is charging ahead taking electric motorcycle technology to the next level. The road legal models are equipped with performance enhancements that allow for higher top speeds and greater acceleration. The entire range also features improvements in power pack technology and for the first time, colour graphics are a part of the styling. The 2010 product launch makes Zero Motorcycles the first and only electric motorcycle company to launch four distinct models worldwide.

"Zero Motorcycles continues to blaze the path for electric motorcycle technology. Our engineering team has revamped, redesigned and completed testing on four models that have considerable improvements for 2010. The result is more power on the road, a new look and an unparalleled riding experience," said Gene Banman, CEO, Zero Motorcycles. "Demand in 2009 pushed us to aggressively expand our presence across the United States and around the world. The enhancements to this year's models will resonate with both serious riders and casual motorcycle enthusiasts on a global level."

With London announcing last week that up to £17m was to be invested by The Department for Transport and Transport for London in the development of an electric charging infrastructure, the Mayor's ambitions are to make London the electric vehicle capital of Europe. Zero Motorcycles are perfectly placed to provide the vehicles to those city commuters wishing to beat both the pollution and congestion faced by commuters today.

Among the most significant advances on the 2010 Zero S and DS is the revolutionary Z-ForceT Air Induction System. A platform for performance, this system allows Zero to produce more horsepower from lighter and more compact motors by increasing the airflow through the heart of the motor. Zero is also introducing a new throttle technology that modulates the increased power to provide riders with exacting control over the acceleration. All 2010 motorcycles are powered using Z-ForceT power pack technology with new and more precise cell monitoring. The cumulative result of all this technology is a longer power pack life, more power, greater acceleration off the line and superior handling.

In addition to the increased performance capabilities, consumers now can choose between colour graphic packages or Zero's classic white on all four models, allowing riders to express themselves through personalized styling. New seat configurations are also an option for the 2010 Zero S and DS. Specially designed by Corbin, the new seats provide a more comfortable and performance-oriented ride. Those interested in reducing the stand over height of the motorcycle can now select a Corbin low seat option. The entire product line continues to be built from the ground up using Zero's signature exposed aircraft grade alloy frame.

Zero S
Instant torque and power from a standstill, plus smooth acceleration as you race out of turns-all without ever needing to stop at a fuel station. Developed to aggressively take on urban environments and encourage the occasional detour, the Zero S electric motorcycle integrates revolutionary technology with innovative motorcycle design. Built from the ground up using Zero Motorcycles' proprietary Z-Force power pack and aircraft grade alloy frame, the Zero S features an industry leading power-to-weight ratio that increases its range and maneuverability. At 122kg, the Zero S has a range of up to 50 miles and a GPS verified top speed of 67 MPH. The Zero S is designed for optimal performance off the line, in sharp turns and while navigating obstacles. Instant acceleration and lightweight design enable the Zero S to take on any city street, hill or obstacle, combining exhilaration with efficiency.

The Zero S is priced at £7995.00 (including delivery). The motorcycle can be purchased online now and will begin shipping in the United States at the end of March. The Zero S comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Zero DS
The Zero DS combines innovation with passion to deliver the world's most versatile electric motorcycle. Created to be agile in the dirt and quick on the road, the Zero DS represents a new kind of freedom. Tough when you demand it and distinguished when required, the Zero DS has an edgy, yet sophisticated appearance highlighted by an eye catching twin spar frame that is both rigid and lightweight. Powered by the most advanced drive train in the industry, the Zero DS is a fully electric motorcycle that can handle any surface you can throw at it. Navigating obstacles and maintaining control is assured using a specially developed suspension system and a rugged wheel set. During technical maneuvers an optimized direct drive gear system delivers astonishing responsiveness with the twist of your wrist.

The Zero DS is priced at £7995.00 (including delivery). The motorcycle can be purchased online now and will begin shipping in the United States at the end of April. The Zero DS comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Zero MX
The Zero MX takes Zero's revolutionary electric motorcycle technology to the track. Designed for bigger jumps and smooth landings, the Zero MX uses a newly-developed suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain. Incredibly tough and lightweight, the Zero MX combines the state-of-the-art Z-ForceT battery technology with an ultra-light frame design, making it agile and fast where it counts most. The custom suspension system makes the Zero MX highly responsive while maintaining an industry leading power-to-weight ratio, allowing for controlled landings and total control. An individual power pack provides up to two hours of track riding time. Easily swappable, riders can purchase an additional power pack to extend their riding. Incredibly powerful, while almost completely silent, the Zero MX opens up a whole new world of riding possibilities.

The Zero MX starts at £6595.00. The motorcycle can be purchased online now and will begin shipping in the United States at the end of March. The Zero MX comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Zero X
With instant acceleration and a total weight of just 68kg, the Zero X is a high performance electric motorcycle that takes technical trail riding to the next level. Using Zero's patented Z-ForceT technology and boasting 50 ft-lbs of torque, this stealthy motorcycle will send you racing up hills, flying over jumps, and cutting through streams. The Zero X is built from the ground up for quick handling and maneuverability. Custom valve suspension, direct drive gearing and weight optimized components allow riders to master demanding terrain. Lightweight, silent and quick, the Zero X opens up trail riding possibilities that would otherwise be out of the question. To extend ride times customers have the option to purchase an extra power pack that can be swapped with a quick pit stop.

The Zero X starts at £5995.00. The motorcycle can be purchased online now and will begin shipping in the United States at the end of March. The Zero X comes with a 2-year limited warranty.