March 4 2010.

The motorcycle insurance comparison site, has launched a free service for dealers across the UK. The facility gives participating dealers access to quotes from up to 30 brokers with the prospect of earning commission on insurance policies.

The service allows traders to offer customers a range of competitive insurance policies and guarantees to find the cheapest online quote for any rider over the age of 19. Furthermore, a new benefits package called 'Money for Nothing' is offered through with each quote, not just every policy sold. Money for Nothing includes free legal insurance, free home-start and breakdown recovery service, free life insurance cover, free excess-fees cover and free key repatriation.

With the potential of earning £25 on each policy sold through the new system, the service provides dealerships with an additional revenue stream at no cost to them. The concept, which has already run in trial form had positive results and suggests the service is likely to increase the number of riders who take out policies at the same time as purchasing a machine. CEO, Alex Stone said: "Our new and free service will allow traders to offer remarkable insurance savings to their customers when selling a bike. We ran a trial which proved an instant success: 87% of customers who searched for a quote through the service went on to buy a policy. With the added incentive of the Money for Nothing package which truly benefits motorists, customers should jump at the chance to buy insurance at the dealership. Put simply, this demonstrates that the service is both very effective and has the potential to be lucrative for dealers - The maths is easy, traders can net £2,500 from 100 successful online insurance sales."