March 4 2010.

Hot on the heels of Yoshimura's CB1000R EEC-approved Slip-On is news of the release of the Racing Mid Pipe, which eliminates the need for the stock bike's catalyzer chamber and negates the requirement for a full system. Mated to the EEC Slip-On, minus the dB-Killer, peak power, engine driveability and low and mid-range torque are greatly improved (see attached Dyno chart). Weighing in at just 0.9kg, the Yoshimura part saves 3.1kg over the OE item.

Please note; when used with an open exhaust the free-flowing Yoshimura Racing Mid Pipe will make the exhaust gas leaner than optimum - adjustment of the fuel injection map to enrich air/fuel balance is required (e.g. by Power Commander). If neglected, use under lean conditions may cause severe engine damage. Also, the EEC approval number as marked will not be valid for road use.

Racing Mid Pipe; weight of the stock catalyzer chamber is 4.4kg.

Part Number/Weight/RRP including VAT  - 185-480-5400 0.9kg £310.37

Delivery - early April, 2010.

For more information on this or any other Yoshimura product contact 01782 569800 or visit www.phoenixnw.co.uk