March 6 2007.

AcuTrac is a British designed tracking system for motorcycles that is set to revolutionise this fast-growing sector of the security market by offering enhanced levels of security and a big fun factor in a package that the owner can monitor and control via the Internet or mobile 'phone.  In spite of its many features, the AcuTrac unit is incredibly small and anonymous, so it is easy to conceal on a motorcycle.
Traditionally automotive trackers have relied upon GPS 'satellite' technology to see the vehicle BUT these need to 'see the sky' to work.  GPS can track a motorcycle while it is in the open, being ridden or in an outdoor car park, but if it is in the back of a van or a lock-up, the GPS tracker never 'sees the sky' and so cannot tell you where it is.  So AcuTrac incorporates 3-stage tracking.
1.     GPS technology for locating vehicles in the open and for additional fun factor (which will be described later).
2.     GSM 'mobile phone' technology so that the vehicle can be located when 'hidden' inside another vehicle or building.
3.     Active RFID 'tagging' technology for pinpoint locating and serial number identification.
While GPS technology is accurate but vulnerable to physical barriers, GSM technology tracks the vehicle using the mobile phone network, so it can see the vehicle even if 'hidden'.  However, GSM is less accurate and can only identify the area in which the vehicle is hidden (e.g. it will tell you which road, but not which building).  Hence the use of RFID, which uses an electronic transponder inside the AcuTrac unit that has a unique identification code that can be 'read' by a hand-held scanner.  Once the general location is spotted using GSM, AcuTrac can home in on the stolen vehicle using hand held RFID scanners and report the position to the authorities.  Each RFID tag has a unique serial number, which means that it is possible to identify your motorcycle, even if the registration plate and VIN codes have been removed.
The AcuTrac unit itself is a small box that can easily be secreted on any motorcycle.  Inside is an independent power supply for back up if the motorcycle battery is removed or disabled.  Power consumption is approximately 5mA in standard mode, which is similar to many after market alarm systems, and a user-selectable battery saving mode means the owner can put the motorcycle into long term winter storage with little fear of battery discharge.  The device will even send the owner a text and email when the motorcycle battery begins to suffer!
AcuTrac has an internal movement sensor and will alert the owner via text message or email if this is triggered.  It can also be linked to most popular motorcycle alarms.  Once alerted, owners can access their web panel from any PC and decide what action to take.  As soon as a crime number is issued by the Police, the owner can pass it onto AcuTrac who will then locate the vehicle.
The AcuTrac device also links to a password protected web panel, that owners can access any time they wish - either via PC or by using a PDA.  This opens up several options for additional security and enjoyment.  It is possible to adjust movement sensitivity or to 'GeoFence' the motorcycle, putting a virtual fence around it.  For example, you may not wish your AcuTrac to alert you every time you move your bike out of the garage to wash it, so you can GeoFence a postcode area (e.g. your street) so that the tracker only alerts you once it leaves that area.
The password protected web panel opens up a world of fun too.  For example, owners can set up the AcuTrac, via the web panel or mobile 'phone, to report its position at regular intervals.  So if touring, it will track progress and the owner (or friends) can see where they went on return.  Alternatively, if out on track, it will record position and speed, giving an accurate record of the track day experience. This works by effectively sending the AcuTrac unit a text message requesting its precise location, to which it responds with the coordinates.  Each unit is supplied with a number of 'free' locations and extra ones can be ordered via the web panel in bundles, in a way similar to pay-as-you-go text messages.
AcuTrac are currently in advanced negotiations with the UK's leading specialist motorcycle insurers in order to get the units approved for discounts on premiums.  However, with hefty excesses on many policies and the risk of losing valuable no claims discount, AcuTrac are confident that this innovative British product will win a devoted following.
The AcuTrac tracker retails for £499.99 including fitting and 12 months subscription with 55 'locations' or £599.99 including 3 years subscription and 175 'locations'.

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