March 8 2010.

The MCIA has announced it will be celebrating its centenary year in 2010 as research reveals motorcycling supports almost £3billion in added value to the UK

Growing the market with an exciting marketing campaign, the significant contribution the industry makes to the UK economy and managing legislative changes are the main targets in the industry association's centenary year, together with celebrations by way of an industry ride-out, gala dinner and golf event.

Motorcycling and the Economy - Research carried out as part of the MCIA's centenary activities has revealed the significant added value powered two-wheelers bring to the UK economy. The research shows that the motorcycle industry in the UK employs more than 62,000 people and turns over in excess of £5billion in sales with an added value profit of £2 billion a year. Looking at the broader picture and including businesses that serve the industry, in total, motorcycling supports £2.75 billion of added value and provides 78,000 jobs

Growing the Market - The MCIA and its members are heavily focused on growing the market and expanding its existing customer base . The three-year Get On campaign has already persuaded 7,200 new people to have a go at riding, using a local training ambassador. With an 80% conversion rate from Get On to taking the CBT, (Compulsory Basic Training), the initiative is well on the way to bringing new converts into the biking fold. Interest in all things bike is also reflected in the website traffic to which has been had almost 100,000 unique visitors in its short life.

Managing Legislative Changes  - There was an excellent response to the important consultation process, which took place at the beginning of this centenary year, in response to the Third Driving Licence Directive (3DLD) scheduled for 2013. It is critical that that the motorcycle industry speaks with one voice to ensure a smooth and appropriate implementation of this legislation, which deals with issues related to the minimum age for riding bikes and a new licence category that is proposed. Importantly there is also the option for riders to move through licencing categories via a training or testing route.

MCIA CEO Steve Kenward said, "The MCIA has always had a role to play in protecting, promoting and expanding the industry on behalf of its members and during our centenary year we will be focussing on these three major areas. Safe riders in a growing market place can only have positive economic benefits and increase the motorcycle industry's contribution to UK PLC in both monetary and social terms."