March 9 2010.

Buying and installing a new motorcycle battery has just become a lot easier following the adoption by VARTA of FreshPack packaging across much of its motorcycle battery range.

The new concept offers ultimate consumer convenience. The VARTA FreshPack battery is supplied to the customer in a 'dry' state with a separate acid pack containing just the right amount of acid in special safety packaging. A filling tube and full filling instructions are also supplied with the kit.

Once the battery is filled, no excess acid is left in the container, so there is no hazardous waste to dispose of, and all the packaging is recyclable. Bikers can commission it themselves for immediate use in total safety, or store the container in readiness for the new biking season. Special packaging ensures that the battery is totally safe for transportation.

More information about VARTA motorcycle batteries, including useful tips for prolonging the life of a motorcycle battery, can be found on the manufacturer's web site;