March 15 2010.

Jullian Preston-Powers, of ThermaHelm, was among only 30 companies invited to the reception at the House of Lords. It was organised by the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), backed by the Government's UK Trade and Investment division, which has given its full support to ThermaHelm.

Mr Preston-Powers was joined by Tim Cobb, Managing Director of Cobb PR, who has helped gain international media interest in the ThermaHelm crash helmet. As a result, ThermaHelm is close to announcing its first major multi-million contract to produce the helmet.

The patented ThermaHelm invention, developed at Sussex University 's Innovation Centre, performs like an instant ice pack when activated by sudden impact. It reduces brain swelling and the risk of long-term brain damage and extends the critical window paramedics and Accident & Emergency teams have to perform their life-saving skills.

At the event, called the GEP Alumni Connect Reception, Mr Preston-Powers, from Hove, was personally invited by Lord Ahmed, Vice Chairman & Founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship. The GEP offers support to leading entrepreneurs in a bid to encourage them to set up business in the UK .

Mr Preston-Powers said: "It was an honour to be invited to this event by Lord Ahmed and a great chance to give thanks to the head of the GEP, Derrik Goodwin for the support of the programme, without which ThermaHelm would not be on the verge of announcing a major deal with a trans-Atlantic partner.

"ThermaHelm will save lives, and that is partly due to the vision of the Global Entrepreneurs Programme which classified our technology as a Technology of Exceptional Potential."