March 20.2007.

In order to capitalise on a diversified Performance Motorcycle Market, a restructuring programme has now been put into place at PFM Brake Systems.

Wal Saunders, previously a partner and co-Director of PFM Brakes, has now taken over all the interests of partner, Paul Mercer, in the brake business.

PFM Brake Systems has been absorbed into and is a Division of West Performance Ltd., a company already headed by Wal Saunders, Manufacturing Dry Sump Systems for Motorcycle engined Motorsport applications.

"The move made a lot of sense," commented Wal, "as both the West Dry Sump Business and the PFM Brake business involve a high level of performance engineering, putting them together allows us to focus on new products which are in their final stages of development and will be available soon."

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