March 23 2007.

The new Easybags range from GIVI is an alternative to the top-of-the range Gold line in the GIVI range.

Expandable side bags (code T449) The presence of several pockets makes this product extremely versatile: apart from the main expandable compartment - whose capacity varies between 28 and 35 litres - there is a front stowage pocket, a side pocket with a strap closure and a mesh pocket on the bottom. The side bags can be easily mounted with the traditional Velcro straps on the saddle and the ring straps fitted with an anti-skid tape. They also feature support belts for the expanded version and soft handles. All the bags include a rain cover, a shoulder strap and elastic straps.

Tank bag (code T452) This is another well-know GIVI product that has become an icon of the luggage designed for the two-wheels. This tank bag from the Easybags range can be fitted to any type of motorbike, from grand tourers to super sports. Its anti-skid bottom has a magnetic mount but can also be fitted with fasteners to the plastic tanks and has a safety strap for handlebar fastening. Its distinctive feature is the patented, extractable map holder in the upper part of the bag. There is also a map holder, as well as a document compartment, in the detachable base. This bag can be carried with a practical soft handle and also features a shoulder strap and a rain cover.

Back pack (code T451) Apart from the main compartment, this backpack has an expandable pocket to contain a full-face helmet, a mesh front pocket and an internal mesh pocket with a specific compartment for electronic devices such as CD-players, interphones and mobile phones with a rubber CD-port outlet. Great attention to comfort is witnessed by the presence of padded back protectors, and of waist and chest straps. There is also a rain cover.

Waist pack (code T453) The GIVI Easybags waist pack, an irreplaceable item to keep small objects at hand, has two zipped pockets. The front pocket includes a meshed compartment.

Leg bag (code T454) It is a sort of waist pack that, for its style, is particularly suitable for specific uses, for instance off-road riding, and in general when it is not practical to have a bag on one's lap or on one's back. This leg bag has two zipped compartments to keep objects and documents, padded elements with an airnet back lining, adjustable waist and thigh straps, and ring straps fitted with anti-skid PVC tape.

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