March 27 2007.

Following the release of the XMART, (pictured above), during 2006, LUMA, the European Two Wheels security specialist, has added a new right side XMART (DIM801R).

With the aim of putting together technical performance and aesthetics, the right version XMART is a symmetrical copy of the left XMART, sharing the same advantages:

As a foot-rest:
- Easy to mount/unmount from the bike, and secure.

- Works and can be folded as any original foot-rest.

- With a rubber part, for optimal grip.

As a lock:
- It can be locked in most motorcycle brake-disks (listing of compatible motorcycle models at

- Convenient, easy to use / fix on the disk.

- Anti-humidity /anti-dirt cover.

Also with the new lock, a new adaptor for most popular Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been developed (KAXHD1).
Already existing adaptors can be used with both right and left XMART, with the only exception of the adaptor for BMW GS´s motorcycles (KAXBMW2), which is not symmetrical; to use left XMART on those BMW models, a new specific left side adaptor is been developed.

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