March 30 2007.

British impact protection specialists Knox has launched a new range of protectors which enable riders to upgrade their existing clothing. Knox is the protection partner of choice for many discerning clothing brands, including Triumph, Revit, Teknic, RST, and Weise. However, research shows that there is still a significant proportion of motorcycle clothing fitted with non-CE approved protectors (some of which even carries bogus CE-marking). This is a serious breach of the European Personal Protective Equipment Directive, which became law in 1995, and states that all protectors for motorcyclists must be independently tested to prove that they are capable of absorbing a significant amount of energy from an impact.

The new V2 protectors from Knox are light, weighing less than 125 grams, yet surpass the requirements of the European standard by a class-leading 33%. In other words the V2 protectors absorb 33% more energy from an impact than is necessary to pass the CE standard (EN6121-1) so substantially less energy is transmitted to the wearer's vulnerable limbs! The outer shell is manufactured from polypropylene, with a honeycomb structure to diffuse energy from an impact and keep the wearer safe. It has inner foam of energy absorbent polyethylene for added comfort and protection.

Knox V2 protectors are available to fit over shoulders and elbows in three sizes that are suitable for most popular brands of motorcycle clothing currently available. It costs relatively little to upgrade a garment with Knox V2 protectors, but the potential benefits are substantial. A pair of Knox V2 protectors sells for £12.99 inc. VAT.

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