March 30 2007.

Skidmarx has developed a choice of screens for the multi-talented 2007 Yamaha Fazer FZ1. There is a double bubble, based on the company's top quality racing screens, as used by many British Superbike teams, that is designed for owners wishing to exploit the machine's sporting prowess. For riders looking to use the 1000cc Yamaha primarily for touring or commuting, Skidmarx offer a flip screen.

Like all Skidmarx double bubble screens, the Fazer version is manufactured in the UK from 3mm acrylic. They are designed to directly replace the original item and can be fitted using the original mounting points and fasteners. Fitting a Skidmarx double bubble not only gives the bike an authentic racing appearance, it also provides the rider with an air pocket that makes riding at speed and over distance more comfortable. Owners can choose from clear, light or dark tints at the suggested selling price of £49.95 inc. VAT for all versions.

The flip version is 10cm (4") taller than the original item, with a subtle 'flip' at the top to direct windblast over the rider's head, which makes them a favourite with long distance riders. Like the racing screens, it is made in the UK from 3mm acrylic and is designed to directly replace the original item, priced at £39.95 inc. VAT. Skidmarx also offer a wide choice of colours, including bright blue red, amber, violet, fluorescent green and yellow for a £6.00 surcharge.

Matching Skidmarx headlight covers are formed to follow the complex shapes of modern light units and are held securely in place with Scotch Lock fixing pads, offering protection to valuable headlight units from stone chips and other road debris, retailing at £19.50.

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