April 4 2007.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd. recently launched the Avon Storm-ST, a new sports-touring tyre to take over the mantle from their highly-rated and popular Azaro-ST product. The Avon Tyres brand offers a range of high performance motorcycle tyres manufactured and marketed by Cooper.

Taking into account today's unpredictable weather, the ever-rising performance of bikes and motorcyclists wishing to use their machines in a far more diverse manner than ever, Avon started with a blank canvas for Storm-ST.

Implementing new manufacturing and development processes at their Melksham factory in England, Avon built on the qualities cherished by Azaro-ST users whilst improving in other areas. The result is a tyre that allows a rider to get the most from their machine, all year round and no matter the conditions.

A contact patch that grows
Avon's Advanced-Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) construction features Aramid fibres that are wound round the tyre densely in the centre section and then progressively spaced out as it reaches the edges. This negates the use for dual compounds as essentially the whole tyre is hard in the centre and softer at the edges. Aside from long life and increased stability, Reactive Footprint (RF) allows the tyre's contact patch to 'grow' depending on the bike's lean angle, for the full life of the tyre.

Rain won't spoil play
Storm-ST benefits from an Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) pattern. The tread is computer-designed to clear the maximum amount of water from the tyre's contact patch. Coupled with the Super Rich Silica (SRS) compound and Inverted Front Grooves (IFG), the return equates to vastly improved grip and all important feel to the rider in adverse conditions.

Grips from cold
The inclusion of silica into the compound of a tyre has been proven to not only improve wet weather performance, but also the levels of grip from cold - reducing the time needed to reach optimum working temperatures. To suit the wide range of parameters demanded by a sports touring tyre, Avon has increased the amount of silica to create a Super Rich Silica compound [SRS] for Storm-ST.

Stable and able
All components of Storm-ST are fine-tuned by Avon's Enhanced Stability System [ES-System] to deliver a tyre in which the carcass, sidewalls and tread pattern work together to reduce localised flexing within the tyre structure to optimise grip, durability and warm-up capabilities.

Consistent performance - from beginning to end
A tyre shouldn't just work at its best when new. Lifetime Profile Engineering (LPE) works in tandem with Avon's Advanced Tread Arc Combination - Tri Arc (ATAC-TA). This characteristic, originally developed for Avon's sports tyres, varies the tread profile across the tyre. This provides the ultimate in handling and stability - whatever the lean angle and throughout the tyre's life.

With winter out of the way, the many customers who have already enjoyed and exploited Storm's ability through adverse conditions can look forward to unleashing capabilities developed for hotter climes. To quote Avon's technical product manager, Pete McNally, "We now have a sports touring tyre which is as good as a sports tyre was two years ago."

Storm-ST is available in 15 sizes:

Fronts - AV55 - 110/70ZR17, 110/80ZR18, 120/60ZR17, 120/70ZR17, 120/70ZR18, 130/70ZR17

Rears - AV56 -150/70ZR17, 150/70ZR18, 160/60ZR17, 160/70ZR17, 160/60ZR18, 170/60ZR17, 180/55ZR17, 190/50ZR17, 200/50ZR17.