April 5 2007.

Autodata, the largest provider of motorcycle technical data in Europe, has introduced the 2007 Motorcycle Technical Data manual, aimed at keeping workshops up to speed with rapidly changing manufacturers' information.

This comprehensive Motorcycle Technical Data Manual is 512 pages, covering 14 years (1993-07) and includes information on European, Japanese and American manufactured motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

All of the information in the manuals comes from official manufacturer sources, but is presented in Autodata's clarity driven and concise style. At the time of publishing, the information is the most up-to-date available and Autodata is keen to stress the importance to workshops in using the latest data.

Autodata Managing Director, Tony Swiatek commented: "In the two wheeled workshop it is vital to have accurate and up-to-date information when working on customer's bikes. These days, motorcycles have incredibly short model lifecycles with a model receiving revisions every year.

"With the tolerances in bike engines being ultra precise it is paramount that technicians are using the correct information for the model year. Using a best guess or the previous year's data will almost inevitably lead to failures and possibly accidents. Frankly, either scenario would be catastrophic for the workshop's reputation."

The Motorcycle Technical Data manual is priced at £54.50. All Autodata products can be purchased from trade suppliers or by calling them directly on 0845 607 7072. The same data is also accessible electronically on the Motorcycle Technical Data and Repair Times Estimator CD which is available as an annual subscription of £89.00. The CD provides further information on manufacturers' repair times and 25 years of data coverage.

The Motorcycle Technical data manual covers:

Bike identification: Capacity, power outputs, bore and stroke.

Service checks: Valve clearances, compression pressures, oil pressure.

Ignition systems: Coil resistances, firing order and cylinder layouts, ignition timing.

Spark plugs: Type and gap measurement for OE. and aftermarket spark plugs.

Carburettor/Fuel injection system: Idle speeds, CO. content, carburettor jets & settings.

Battery/Charging system: Voltage figures.

Weights: Bike kerb weight.

Lubricants and Capacities: Engine, gearbox, final drive and front fork oil grades and capacities, cooling system capacity.

Final drive chain/Belt: Recommended type, free play and wear measurements.

Tyres: Tyre size and pressures.

Tightening torques: Engine components include, Cylinder head, magneto/flywheel, camshaft sprockets, clutch and spark plugs.

Wheel torques: Includes front and rear spindles and spindle clamps.