March 29 2010.

Following several weeks of suspense, Swinton Bikes, the specialist motorcycle insurance division of the UK's leading high street insurance retailer, unveiled the new paint job on its Suzuki Hayabusa last weekend at the Wirral Egg Run.

After undergoing a series of design options, the Hayabusa has been custom painted in the Swinton Bikes colours of orange, black, blue and white and features the logo and phone number.

The event attracted around 10,000 bikers who rode the 20-mile route from New Brighton to Clatterbridge Hospital in convoy to raise money for local children's charities and donate Easter eggs to hospitalised children.

Thousands of spectators gathered to watch the Run and extra donations were gathered by volunteers along the route.

As well as showing off its new Suzuki Hayabusa, Swinton Bikes was out in force on the day with the Swinton Sirens handing out promotional items and providing photo opportunities for all of the bikers.

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes, said: "The Wirral Egg Run is a great charity event for bikers to get involved in. This year's event was a complete success and gave us the opportunity to unveil the new paint job on the Hayabusa as well as allowing us to meet others from the biking world while helping a worthy cause.

"We were delighted to be the official sponsor of this year's Run, especially as it was the 30 year anniversary. We were really pleased to see so many bikers joining us to support a worthy cause.

Visit: www.swinton.co.uk/motor/motorcycle