March 31 2010

In a recent comparison test of chain oilers the Scottoiler vSystem was awarded a RiDE Recommended Triangle. Described as a, "Comprehensive and well made system," both the vSystem and the eSystem scored ten out of ten for on the road testing, highlighting that Scottoiler systems are the top choice when it comes to real world performance.

Singled out for its high-tech features such as an accelerometer and flow rate display, the eSystem scored just one point less than the vSystem and was described as the "crème de la crème" of chain oilers.

Grant, from Scottoilers Sales and Marketing team said, "We are thrilled to receive a recommended triangle from RiDE magazine. This type of recommendation by an established magazine such as RiDE demonstrates that after 25 years, Scottoiler is still the market leader for chain oiling systems. It is also great news that the eSystem is gaining the recognition it deserves and that the extra features and benefits of the product are being noticed within such a competitive market place."

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