April 12 2007.

Simpson Detour, the Sussex-based motorcycle lighting and accessory manufacturer, has taken control of the well established Red Fox brand.

Much revered for its range of huggers, Red Fox can chart it's lineage back some 12 years to when the brand was first launched by ex-racer Ian McConnachie.

The move to Simpson Detour will see the Red Fox brand retaining its own identity whilst enjoying the benefits of a focussed re-launch. It will sit alongside the company's already extensive SIDE range of accessories incorporating carbon fibre effect body panels, belly pans, screens and lighting units.

The Red Fox brand, whilst continuing strong sales on its existing range of high quality huggers, has lacked the infrastructure to meet the growing demand for many new models. "Red Fox huggers have a loyal following and a reputation for being well made and reliable," said company owner Neil Simpson. "We're not going to mess with that, but we are anxious to take the product forward by the use of the latest technology and the introduction of many new and exciting additions to the product line up,"

Simpson Detour has bold plans to drive forward both Red Fox and SIDE products. The manufacturing plant that has produced Red Fox huggers since the early days will be kept on and tasked to produce in greater volume.

"Our plan is to double the Red Fox range within 2 months, leading to a substantial increase in production," stated Simpson. "This programme is already underway and we're confident that this is a claim we can live up to."

For further information on Red Fox or SIDE products, call 01243 771133 or visit www.simpson-detour.co.uk