April 12 2010.

Motul has introduced the new 300V four-stroke lubricant range targeted at the serious dirt bike racer.

The new lubricant, available in 15W60 and 5W40, has been specially designed for both European and Japanese machines offering better clutch feel while providing exceptional engine and gearbox protection in extreme racing conditions.

These 100% synthetic ester oils are for use in four-stroke engines whether they have integrated gearboxes or not, running a wet or dry clutch. Race engines for enduro, motocross and other off-road bikes operate at a high temperature with high revs, so this new range is a much-needed solution for those who require the highest quality and performance. These new Factory Line products by Motul can also be used in performance quads and ATVs.

Motul's ester technology boasts maximum oil film resistance at very high temperatures and no oil film breakdown, thus providing engines with maximum protection in all conditions. The newly launched off-road Factory Line products, which incorporate this technology, can help offer more power at the rear wheel as well as improved wet clutch locking at start-up, acceleration and full speed. The oil can also help offer the rider better traction in difficult conditions such as sand, snow and dirt, or in the typically wet conditions found in the UK.

The new 5W40 grade allows excellent oil flow into the engine at a faster oil pressure set-up and at high revs, and the 15W60 can offer protection under heavy load over longer periods of time. This means Motul has catered for all types of terrain and conditions, using over 150 years of development and technology to assist off-road racers in protecting their machines with the best quality of product available.

Top racing teams such as CAS Honda, Twisted 7 and Paul Bird Motorsport have been testing the oil over a number of weeks in different conditions. These teams have reported excellent results, and they will now switch to using Motul's newly developed lubricant for their racing programmes.

"It's great that we can add even more superb products to our specialist motorcycle lubricants portfolio," said UK Brand Manager, Nick Turner."We work closely with manufacturer supported factory teams and these new oils are specifically made for off-road applications and offer high performance in the toughest of conditions. Already, our teams have given these products the thumbs up and I am sure our ever-growing off-road customer market will benefit from the development and technological advances that Motul is constantly making while creating its specialist racing products."

The new Factory Line Off-Road range is available now.

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