April 23 2007.

The BT-021 is Bridgestone's first line of products to use MSB (Mono Spiral Belt) on both front and rear tyres. With optimal stiffness provided by the HTSPC (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord), this MSB construction raises stability and shock absorption to the highest levels. The distinctive new slash pattern design with wide crossing centre grooves on the front tyre is designed togive top-quality handling and steering precision. Mileage tests also said to show significantly higher resistance to irregular wear than the BT-020 tyre it replaces.

"The new Battlax BT-021 is designed to provide a wide range of heavier sport touring motorcycles - from 600 cc to 1200 cc - with the highest possible levels of comfort at speed and an exciting feel through corners off the highway, in all conditions," said Andy Lane, marketing manager with Bridgestone UK.

"It's taken a long time to develop this tyre, but we knew that the discerning biker would not accept anything which was not a huge step forward from the already superlative BT-020. We believe this new Battlax is simply the best in its class, and now we have the opportunity to prove it."

Available in 5 front-wheel sizes and 7 rear-wheel sizes from January 2007, it will steadily replace the current Battlax BT-020.